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I DO NOT TALK POLITICS as a rule, and for a variety of reasons, but I am currently ashamed of my government falling prey to fear and extortion. We’re better than this. So I acted. I logged the following at and will call the White House Comment Line at 202.456.1111 between 0900-1700 EDT Monday through Thursday. (I’ll wait.)

If you too are disgusted, act. It’s better than stewing.

Dear Sir,

I have never written to you before, but the recent action regarding the debt ceiling has me more upset with “the American experiment” than I have ever been. Speaking as a disabled American currently negotiating the hell of red tape separating me from my Social Security payments, and with all due respect, sir: I had faith in you, I voted for you, and I respect and like you a lot on a personal level, but if you don’t raise taxes on the wealthiest 400 American families I will be staying home Election Day. (Words partly copied from my friend David Feldman, a noted stand-up comic and fellow former idealist.) If you do redeem this horrible mistake, however, you may happily count on my vote.

(And on a personal note, speaking as a formerly unpopular student who nonetheless survived third grade, one does not appease the bullies by giving them your lunch money. You must bloody their nose. I wish to God we didn’t live in such a world, and pray and work every day toward that goal, but it’s the only thing that made Joey Mulvaney quit picking on me.)

Thank you for your time, and with great respect,

Neal Ross Attinson

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