Neal’s Hero: Arroyo Vet Hospital

Q: WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN you lose your wallet, the roommate’s got the car all day, and the cat has a mysterious slash on his tail which he won’t stop licking and leaves bloody smears on the chaise-longue???

A: What I did was call Arroyo Veterinary Hospital, who told me to sit tight while they sent someone over to pick him up, fix him up and hang on to him until this afternoon. These are the same people who oohed and awwed over our little woojums last time and who put him up during the week we got flooded in February.

That’s ARROYO VETERINARY HOSPITAL, who have no idea they’ve been so lauded. Local heroes: people who do their job well and graciously. Thank you.

2 comments for “Neal’s Hero: Arroyo Vet Hospital

  1. 2010.09.29 at 1348

    Glad this worked out.

  2. 2010.09.29 at 1348

    Thankee, sir. He’s fine and sedated as I type this and will be getting a nice shave and wash and stitch. He’s my constant daily companion — really, he follows me everywhere and sleeps on my hand — so I’ll pass along your good wishes.

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