Kids! Choose-My-Adventure!

THE AUTHOR, STUCK IN CREATIVE mud, is ringing the bell and asking your help with a new Prosatio Silban story (actually not so new, but currently under revision). To wit — which beginning is more intriguing:

“Of the numberless creatures in the Land of Exiles, none are so quaint as the lumbering buopoth – and though no two descriptions agree as to the shy animal’s exact appearance at any given time, Prosatio Silban felt he knew every pore and curve in his great beast’s backside. This knowledge was not his from prurience, however; he had stared at little else for the past three days.”

… OR …

“There is one road through the flat and sweltering Western Wides, as the Uulians call the vast plain between their river-girdling Commonwell and the song-shrouded coastal city of Aydnzmir, and its week-long passage promised to the occasional traveler little more than an exercise in creative tedium.”


2 comments for “Kids! Choose-My-Adventure!

  1. 2010.11.17 at 0934

    I vote for the buopoth’s backside.

    • 2010.11.17 at 2219

      Buopoth bottoms it is! (That was the original opening anyway, JSYK. Thanks!)

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