I’m Going To Miss Hanging Out With A Coed

HAD WE THE MEANS, I would hire a brass band to play a grand-style Sousa rouse in approximately four hours and forty-five minutes.

That’s when Ann, my companion and partner for going-on-twenty-two years returns from her last final exam as an undergraduate.

It’s been about four years since she began this enterprise through Sonoma State University‘s bachelor-of-liberal-arts-for-working-adults program, which enterprise actually began 40 years ago in the foothills of Oakland back in California’s glorious days of free (yes, FREE) community college, or rebegan in the mid-1990s when we both started attending the justly top-rated Santa Rosa Junior College simply because we lived two blocks away, and where I learned the news business and Ann became valedictorian and Associate of Arts with highest honors and — maybe, someday, in a dream — poised for the bachelors’ race. But four years ago it ceased to be a dream, and every day since has been a struggle toward today. Or rather next Saturday, G?d willing, when Ann dons cap and gown to walk across a stage for her diploma: a “piece of paper” made out of ink, sweat, tears and highlighter stains.

I like the symbolism of mounting and crossing the stage; when people work as hard as Ann has — and I’ve never seen anyone work harder, not ever, for anything — they should be soundly and roundly applauded. Hard work is counterintuitive for a species as easily bored as Homo sapiens, and when someone lifts herself up she elevates everyone around her.

So, no brass bands. The music would just float away — much like these words. But before they do: Congratulations, honey mine. You made it.

5 comments for “I’m Going To Miss Hanging Out With A Coed

  1. 2010.05.20 at 1230

    LM – He did; thank you!
    KH – Neal and I ended up singing and dancing together to many of our favorite anthems (Still the One). Yes, I got mushy!

  2. 2010.05.20 at 0901

    If I know Ann, I am betting she will get gushy and love it and you for the romantic gesture.

  3. Betty
    2010.05.20 at 0711

    We all salute her! Good job, Ann.

  4. 2010.05.20 at 0648

    Oooh. Good one. Thanks!

  5. 2010.05.20 at 0648

    Crank up the CD player with a rousing piece. She’ll appreciate the gesture and the sentiment.

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