First-Step Messiah

CONSIDERING THE GREAT POTENTIAL CONTAINED in most human beings, and the difficulty we have getting started on projects, perhaps we might accordingly revise our notions of messianism. The Re-(or Un-)born King may not set things right so much as give us the tools and gumption we need (or point out that we’ve had them all along). After all, getting started is the hardest start to any project. Perhaps we just need a little push and can take it from there.(1)

(1) Disclaimer: This being Monday morning, I tend not to believe in a literal Messiah. In fact, I tend not to believe in a Messiah at all unless as metaphor or if I have a really, really bad headache. But “believe as thou wilt shall be the hole in the Law.”

2 comments for “First-Step Messiah

  1. 2010.12.27 at 1327

    Are you saying that Glinda the Good is the next Messiah?

    • 2010.12.27 at 1357

      I suppose I am. (I’m guess I’m just fascinated by the whole idea, both its origin and its cultural appropriation.) She does fit the description: never there when you want her, always there when you need her…

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