Days Like Doors

THERE ARE DAYS WHICH OPEN into unglimpsed circles that inspire and uplift.
And there are days which close the heart like a fist.
There are days when the angels sing within range of human ear
And days when all you hear is chopping.
There are days like green hills, a-prance with lambs,
And days like rotting undergrowth, a-stench with mold.
All these days are given unto you,
like gloves God wears when He’s fixing something special
like small wandering children seeking a hand in the dark
like the door that opens into silence and light.

4 comments for “Days Like Doors

  1. Alana
    2011.03.14 at 1211

    If I weren’t proud to be your friend, I’d settle for being proud to be your fan. Lucky me, I’m both!

    That’s lovely.

  2. Caolifhionne Mears
    2020.05.15 at 1021

    I can’t say it better than Alana did.

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