David Feldman, Post-Modern Comic Genius

PAY ATTENTION, CLASS: TODAY WE learn from David Feldman, American, how to correctly structure a portable visual joke (in this case, a bumpersticker) for maximum satiric and comic effect.

First point: Understand the medium. The English-speaking American eye travels a line of text, or what the brain immediately assesses as same, from left to right.

Second point: Camouflage. On a black background, the eye first registers a patriotic symbol — an American flag overlaying a proud bald eagle’s profile — followed by a line of white text.

Third point: Reinforcement. A sturdy sans-serif, all caps: “MY COUNTRY RIGHT OR … ”

Fourth point: Misdirection. The brain, conditioned by years of living within the Lower North American political ecosystem, anticipates a conditioned jingoism.

Fifth point: Gotcha. The text finishes: ” … RONG.” The brain is wrenched from its self-woven cocoon by the unexpected monosyllabic truncation, and explodes into laughter. Its owner reaches for a handkerchief or small towel.


3 comments for “David Feldman, Post-Modern Comic Genius

  1. Neal Golbin
    2011.01.13 at 2031

    …the bellringer from Lyonne with no arms ..falls out of the tower..the Abbot tells the bishop:”I don’t know but his face rings a bell”..then later in the Joke:”I don’t know but he’s a dead ringer for his brother..”

  2. 2011.01.13 at 2203

    !thgir ot tfel txet daer sniarb namuh lla ton…tiaW

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