David Feldman, Post-Modern Comic Genius

PAY ATTENTION, CLASS: TODAY WE learn from David Feldman, American, how to correctly structure a portable visual joke (in this case, a bumpersticker) for maximum satiric and comic effect.

First point: Understand the medium. The human eye travels a line of text, or what the brain immediately assesses as same, from left to right.

Second point: Camouflage. On a black background, the eye first registers a patriotic symbol — an American flag overlaying a proud bald eagle’s profile — followed by a line of white text.

Third point: Reinforcement. A sturdy sans-serif, all caps: “MY COUNTRY RIGHT OR … ”

Fourth point: Misdirection. The brain, conditioned by years of living within the Lower North American political ecosystem, anticipates a conditioned jingoism.

Fifth point: Gotcha. The text finishes: ” … RONG.” The brain is wrenched from its self-woven cocoon by the unexpected monosyllabic truncation, and explodes into laughter. Its owner reaches for a handkerchief or small towel.


3 comments for “David Feldman, Post-Modern Comic Genius

  1. 2011.01.13 at 2203

    !thgir ot tfel txet daer sniarb namuh lla ton…tiaW

  2. Neal Golbin
    2011.01.13 at 2031

    …the bellringer from Lyonne with no arms ..falls out of the tower..the Abbot tells the bishop:”I don’t know but his face rings a bell”..then later in the Joke:”I don’t know but he’s a dead ringer for his brother..”

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