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Recent Work

» Krall charms Sonoma
» Springs marches against rape
» Silence, prayer mark Miranda anniversary
» Wiggins e-mail list cracked
» Huge crowd gathers for City Hall centennial
» No injuries in Sonoma fire
» Firefighters stop July 4 blaze
» Drawing the line: Locals train for fire season
» Mountain lion visits Agua Caliente
» Did council vote violate state law?
» Are church campaigns legal?
» Where does it go when you flush?


» Against the grid
» Of cheeseburgers and Torah
» Shoot first, draw the target later
» “A” stands for “Aftermath”
» Oh, so what?
» Confessions of a paid ghoul
» Kaddish for Shirley
» But what if we’re wrong?
» “Beyond all praises we can utter…”
» Keeping the future within arm’s length


» Chicken surprise
» Bringing a new meaning to “peace officer”
» Old faith opens new chapel
» Hands-on fire training
» All in a night’s work
» Giant for a day
» Rescuing the rescuers
» “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern”
» The merchant of Sonoma
» “There can be only one”


» Fire rips Sonoma Marketplace
» SDC tells chief to halt rape inquiry
» Protestors demand wage increases
» Fires scorch Valley
» Dorf may seek city council vote recount
» Plaza chickens to stay
» Fire claims cat, apartment
» Nightmare on West Napa St.
» Rocket sparks hillside blaze
» Storm darkens Sonoma

Public Speaking

» Friends of Hospice Tree Lighting
» Sustainability and Spirituality Forum
» Sonoma Valley 9/11/02 Service