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Awe and Inquiry

He looked up. “What are you sketching?” She held out a pad, on which was written: AWE AND INQUIRY God is good. God is. God. . He frowned. “What’s the point?” She grinned. “Exactly.”

For Franz Kafka

The old woman sat, softly singing, on a blue wooden chair in the middle of the vast cobbled square, rippling a carpet of birds with each cast of her hand. Tall jagged buildings loomed on all four sides around her…

Shameless Plug, Drainwise

ALL I REALLY HAD IN mind was helping out my colleagues — I didn’t know I’d also be helping myself. I’m referring to today’s North Bay Bohemian article titled “There to Be There: Police chaplains ride the thin blue line…

Hometown Haiku

Sonoma Plaza. Tree-shaded northwest corner. …is that a fiddle? Morris dancers leap Today! Where a month ago Two Jews laid tefillin! Diff’rent traditions Laughing under the same trees. My town. Sonoma.


MORE THAN ONCE UPON A time, in a land surprisingly near, lived two distinct peoples. Both were composed of friendly, industrious individuals with a long tradition of respectful coexistence in all matters save one: One group took every Monday off;…

Happy Bloomsday!

105 YEARS AGO TODAY, LEO Bloom took his famous fictive walk through Dublin seeing the same places and eating the same foods as his latterday followers did, will do or have done today. (Me, I’ll be sitting on the floor…