Another Roadside Definition

FUNNY THING ABOUT DEFINING GOD: Despite the impossibility of the task, it does draw one’s imagination and eloquence (or directness, if you’re lucky). I made a stab at it in, tried to understand my understanding in /four-points-of-contact/ and reflected on how I got there in /judaism-as-art/. But waking from a nice Shabbat nap this afternoon, the thought occurred:

“God is the face of the Universe looking back at us.”

Mentioned this to Ann, who opined that it sounded mystical. I suppose it is — I’ve learned to hide the silverware when self-proclaimed mystics come a-calling — but all I’m trying to express is a basic sentio-a-sentio relationship while keeping in mind that the model always rests with the modeler — and that any separation is both experientially illusory and semantically significant.

(Which reminds me of my current favorite Jewish Zen joke:

Q: Can God make a rock that’s too heavy to lift?
A: Sure. But God can lift it anyway.)

(Okay, it’s my favorite because I invented it, but still. Have a good week.)

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