Advice to The Younger Self


TAKE THE WORLD AND YOUR part in it seriously, but not yourself.
Never refuse anything offered, but be careful about entanglements.
You’ll need computer skills, but you’ll also enjoy them.
Stake out early your points of honor.
Dream. Then write it down.
Hold on to your comic books, graphic novels, ephemera and trading cards. (Science fiction will be some seriously big business in a few years.)
The world is bigger than fans vs. mundanes.
Take advantage of free education.
Brush your teeth.
Dancing in public is easier than it looks.
She is out there. Stop worrying.
Don’t try so hard to be noticed.
Start practicing the harmonica now.
The view changes as you do.
Getting older means going deeper. With everything. You’ll like that.
About that harmonica — same for newspapering. But try to get out before the Internet comes.
Maintenance never ends.
Don’t agonize over or forego fun. It doesn’t come twice in the same form.
You’ll get over your fear of public speaking; in fact, it’s where you’ll be most comfortable.
When cooking, don’t use every herb and spice in the rack.

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