5 Thoughts: Long-Term Partnerships

1. TO QUOTE A CHARACTER FROM the most excellent film A Mighty Wind: “It’s almost as like we have one brain that we share between us.” The simultaneous realizations, the one-word sentences, the shared expressions … It can all be quite aback-taking.

2. As we lengthen and deepen with age, memory gets a bit hazy, and the conversation occasionally includes the question, “Did that happen to you or me? I get us confused sometimes…”

3. There is nothing like the feeling of being intensely, intimately and completely known. (Especially if, like me, you have an absolute horror — bordering on phobia — of being misunderstood.)

4. If you do it right, you will cease to have squabbles. Disagreements, certainly; occasionally. But even with strong personalities, knowing what buttons not to press makes you not want to press them.

5. Yes, there can be ruts. But don’t confuse a rut with deep contentment.

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