5 Thoughts: All My EEGs in One Basket

An electrode for your thoughts? (Click to embiggen.)

1. WHEN I GOT INTO THE driver’s seat and couldn’t recognize the dashboard, I knew it was time to enlist some professional help.

2. I had been experiencing some memory and cognitive issues for a while (as well as a few bouts of sleepwalking), and at this writing (2019.10.08) I still am. But the Dashboard Incident really threw me. So I saw a neurologist, who subjected me to an MRI and electroencephalogram (“EEG” in doctor-speak). “We’re just ruling things out,” she said. Both tests were low-impact procedures (despite the genial claustrophobia of the former and the intricately placed electrodes of the latter), and I actually fell asleep during the course of them both.

3. The results showed I had no tumors, in fact nothing structurally indicative of any brainial decay (whacked-out neologisms notwithstanding). The next step, she said, is to see a neuropsychologist, who will have me complete a two-hour detailed series of tasks. My response to these tasks will demonstrate the state of my brain, and we’ll go from there.

4. My neurologist is very scientific, and while her gut feeling indicates adult-onset ADHD, she’s not really theorizing any which way yet. I’m keeping an open mind too, despite the chronic memory challenges, frustrating in-person and face-to-face word searches, and occasionally overwhelming anxiety. That is to say, I’m not anxious about the state of my brain (although I am very concerned) — it’s just that even simple daily duties often seem overwhelming. (E.g., don’t ask me to multitask.)

5. One thing I’m grateful for is that I still seem to have my writing chops. (Dear G?d, please don’t take that away from me; after all, it’s the biggest thing on my business card.) As Fred Kwan quoth in Galaxy Quest, “It’s the simple things in life you treasure.” And so we shall.

2 comments for “5 Thoughts: All My EEGs in One Basket

  1. Richard Attinson
    2019.11.12 at 2203

    Welcome to my world. Getting older sucks, but it beats the alternative. Could it be caused by side effects of your medications?
    Worried Dad

    • 2019.11.13 at 0832

      Thanks for the Welcome Wagon bit. 😉 As for side effects — my neurologist has my (lengthy) list of meds, but doesn’t seem to think it’s simply a side effect (otherwise I wouldn’t be going through these tests)…

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