1+1=1, For Sufficiently Small Values of One

IF IT MAKES IT ANY easier for those who struggle with accepting their age, one could always aver that one is experiencing one’s “average age.”

For example, I am 48 (at this writing). There is one of me, so 1 x 48 = 48. Forty-eight divided by the number of those in this sentence whose ages are relevant to it, or 1, equals 48.

So although 48 is my actual age, it is also — by this calculation, and by verbal extension a crutch against the ever-approaching footsteps of decay and oblivion — my average age.

This may be a simple wordplay. But you’d be surprised how often we apply same. It’s what powers our propensity for self-delusion — and why it sometimes takes awhile for us to stumble over the obvious.

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